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addiction councelorBecoming a certified addiction counselor is a good career choice for people who feel for others who are undergoing a difficult time in their lives. A certified addiction counselor is a person who is qualified to help individuals, families, and groups who are affected by issues with drugs, alcohol, gambling, tobacco or eating disorders. If you have excellent professional judgment, are able to quickly and effectively establish a connection with others, listen very well, non-judgmental toward patients, and have the ability to offer constructive criticism for their patients, a career in addiction counseling may be right for you.

The first thing to do before becoming a certified addiction counselor is to take a good look at your own physical and mental health. A lot of people who have risen up from addiction find that they want to pay it forward. You should at least have a high school diploma, or equivalent, but possessing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is better. Complete 4,000-6,000 of supervised Direct Service in an addiction treatment setting. This will roughly equate to two to three years of employment. Complete 150-300 hours of Direct Supervision in a treatment setting of substance abuse counseling. Accomplish at least 250 hours of education in the required courses, such as Clinical Evaluation, Counseling, and Ethics. Pass the required state and international exams. Once you have paid the licensing fees, you are now certified.

An average of a 20% increase of demand for certified addiction counselors is expected in the next decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that more people are seeking treatment as more information about addiction is disseminated.  A fulfilling career as a certified addiction counselor awaits you today.


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