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AutoCAD drafting is the use of AutoCAD to create 2D and 3D technical drawings or drafts. Drafting, or technical drawing, is the task of drawing standard technical illustrations that clearly shows the needed specifications to turn a concept into a physical object. Drafting is a skill used by architects, design engineers, drafters, interior designers, and other professionals that turn ideas into tangible forms. AutoCAD is a software application invented to perform CAD or computer aided design.

People interested in AutoCAD drafting must have excellent computer technology skills and must know how to communicate well. An eye for detail and problem-solving skills are also a must. You must also have a solid background in mathematics and science. AutoCAD drafting schools are numerous. Check online to see which schools in your area offer the program. Check the school’s accreditation and get feedback from alumni of the program. AutoCAD training will involve Computer Aided Drafting, Technical Drawing, Applied AutoCAD, Technical Writing, Computer Graphics, and other courses. Students are qualified to use a student version of the software for 36 months. Files of drafts using this version will have a flag denoting that the drawing is made for educational purposes and the file will be corrupted if it’s installed into a commercial version. Seeking an internship while finishing your degree will be a great way to add experience to your resume that employers look for.

AutoCAD drafters will find work in numerous fields. They may be hired by architectural or civil engineering firms. AutoCAD drafting graduates will find chances of career advancement by specializing in a certain field, like in mechanical engineering. The demand for AutoCAD drafters vary depending on the field they are entering into. Specializing in more than one area can greatly increase your worth for prospective employers after successfully accomplishing your AutoCAD training.


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