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computer repair technician careersComputer repair technicians are those professionals who repair and maintain servers and computers. A computer repair technician’s responsibility might include configuring and installing new software and hardware, as well as creating and in some cases maintaining networks. This type of professional could work in various places, both the public and Government arenas. An online skills training education will provide future technicians with both theoretical knowledge and practical aspects of maintenance and repair. Although on-the-job activities are inclusive in the curriculum, this is never enough. Computer repair techs should get as much experience in the field as possible.

Once certified, a repair technician may well find themselves in a corporate IT atmosphere, in a retail environment, or even in a central command center. On the other hand, those computer repair techs that find themselves in a public sector could work with law enforcement or military communities, public health and safety, or possibly even within an educational institution.  Despite variable work conditions, all computer technicians perform similar similar duties.  Computer repair technicians have the option to specialize in fields such as information, system admin or even data recovery.  Some successful professionals move to the business of subcontracting or information technology consulting.

According to the study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment growth in the field of computer repair will be steady through the year 2014.  As more and more business operations and decision making processes get computerized, computer repair technicians can expect a continued positive employment outlook.


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