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electriciansElectrician training is an excellent gateway into a promising career harnessing the power of electricity while in service of your community. An electrician is a person skilled in the installation, connection, testing, and maintenance of electrical systems for various uses, including climate control, communications, and security. People interested in becoming electricians would rather work with their hands than be chained to a desk for eight hours. They must be able to work alone or with others in construction jobs. Since the job will involves a degree of danger, careful planning, adaptability to unforeseen circumstances, and an eye for detail will ensure on-the-job safety.

To be eligible for electrician training, you must have a GED or high school diploma. Take math and science courses in high school and college. It is recommended to study in a trade school. Enter an electrician apprenticeship program by asking help from the trade school, the trade union, or local networking. You will need 4-5 years to complete the required apprenticeship training hours. During your apprenticeship, you will need to complete electrician training courses in the classroom, such as basic electrical theory and concepts, the national electrical code and conduit bending, and commercial wiring and circuitry. Classes are completed in 40-60 hours per year of the apprenticeship. Taking the electrician journeyman test and passing will enable you to work without being supervised by a journeyman electrician.

Many options are available after your electrician training. You can start your own business, get a job in a federal, state, or local municipality, or become part of a private company. Demand for electricians will grow at the national average of 12%. As electricity has become a necessity to live in current civilization, many opportunities continue to be available for those who have finished electrician training and get their license.


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