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Le Cordon Bleu has prided itself on being the world’s best culinary arts institute. The French have prided themselves on their vast culinary history. The French magazine, La Cuisinière Cordon Bleu, began offering culinary courses from top French chefs which led to the opening of a school in 1895. Nowadays, Le Cordon Bleu has become a symbol for excellence in French culinary arts. For those who want to become a top chef, getting into Le Cordon Bleu is akin to the experience an aspiring attorney gets when he learns he will be attending Harvard Law. Aspiring chefs know that having a degree from Le Cordon Bleu on their resume will give them an advantage when they start applying for work in professional kitchens around the world.

Although the original campus of Le Cordon Bleu is located in Paris, the French cooking school does have 35 schools located worldwide. 18 of those schools are located in the United States. If you do not live near a Le Cordon Bleu college, you might like to know that Le Cordon Bleu has begun offering online degree programs. At this time, Le Cordon Bleu is offering a bachelor’s degree in culinary management, and an associate’s degree in hospitality and restaurant management. As an accredited world class school, online programs will be taught by top chefs who have lots of experience teaching students online, so you still get premiere education even when you are not attending classroom sessions.

Job growth for graduates of those degrees is projected at roughly 5%, as many people vie for very few job opportunities. Expect to start your career at entry-level positions and work your way up to the top jobs. Rest assured that employers will pay more attention to graduates with an online degree from Le Cordon Bleu.


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