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marine technician trainingMarine technician training is a great gateway for people dreaming of a career around boats. A marine technician is a person whose job it is to inspect, maintain and repair sea-going vessels. The US Department of Labor places marine technicians under the category of “small engine mechanics”. However, marine technicians do not focus only on the boat engines. They also see to it that the hulls, sails, masts, rigging, propellers, and navigation equipment of a vessel is in fine working order. They are the people who see to it that a ship is shipshape.

Most marine technician training is still done by apprenticeship. However, with technological advances that are now found in boats, particularly in the navigation equipment, technical degrees are now available in trade schools and community colleges, and it is recommended that you get one. A high school diploma is a must for you to be accepted when applying for either a course in college or an apprenticeship at a boat repair company. After getting your degree as a marine technician or marine mechanic, it is also highly recommended that you get certified by a national board that includes boat builders, boat yards, equipment manufacturers, marinas, marine insurance companies, service technicians, and other industry experts as members. The American Boat and Yacht Council is a prime example. The best form of marine technician training remains to be experience, and you should spend as much time around boats as possible.

Marine technicians will find employment in boat repair companies, marinas, ship yards, and boat construction companies. The military is also interested in marine technicians. Jobs will be more plentiful in the coastal areas. You may also open your own repair shop. As people continue to utilize boats for business or pleasure, your marine technician training will always be needed.


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