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Draw up a career in Graphic Design

Draw up a career in Graphic Design Being a graphic designer is much like being a game designer. Although, with game designers they focus on creating games, graphic designers more or less do almost everything that comes along with the title including creating company logos and brand packaging. While some people make it on creativity and talent, a degree in graphic design with definitely help along the way. To start paving your way to become a graphic designer, start as early as high school. Take drawing classes as much as you...

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Love Video Games? Become a Game Designer

Love Video Games? Become a Game Designer Didn’t you dream about becoming a game designer at one point in your life, especially when you were a kid? It sounds cool, right? Creating new games, or improving the games you enjoyed playing as a kid. What isn’t fun about that? Here is some information you might need to know before you become a game designer. Chances are, you’re already on your way to becoming a game designer, you play a lot of games – video games, that is, whether you like the game or not, because you like learning...

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Graphic Design Programs

Graphic Design Programs With various breakthroughs in both technology and design, graphic design programs and graphic design schools have also started appearing both as online training grounds or campus-based course offerings. Technology-savvy individuals who have an eye for art and design will find a graphic design education to be a fun and knowledgeable experience, but will also enjoy a variety of graphic design jobs that fulfill their true calling. To get started on this kind of career, you first have to enroll...

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